Kirill Yurovskiy: Top 10 Online Earning Methods for Beginners

In the digital age, the internet provides endless money-making opportunities for those willing to put in the time and effort. From the comfort of your home, you can choose from a variety of online earning methods to start making money. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 online money-making methods perfect for beginners just starting their entrepreneurial journey.  


Freelancing involves offering your skills and services to clients as an independent contractor instead of being employed by one company. Popular freelancing skills include content writing, graphic design, programming, data entry etc. To get started, create appealing profiles on reputable freelance platforms like Upwork, Fiverr or Freelancer to connect with clients across the globe. Start by creating gigs for services you can provide for affordable rates and offer add-ons to earn more. As you build your profile, aim for long-term clients and contracts.


Blogging simply refers to frequently updating a website with useful content. Although it requires consistency and patience initially, blogging can become a significant income source once your blog attracts substantial traffic. You can monetize your blog via advertisements, affiliate marketing, selling digital products, or offering paid subscriptions for premium content. Begin by identifying a niche you’re passionate about such as travel, food, writing etc. Choose an easy-to-use CMS like WordPress to quickly launch your blog. Ensure to publish SEO optimized long-form posts regularly. Promote your content on social media to increase visibility.

Affiliate Marketing   

Affiliate marketing allows promoters to earn commissions by directing sales to a company’s products or services. You can become an affiliate marketer by promoting products that match your blog or social media audience’s interests. For instance, if you run a travel blog – becoming an affiliate for travel gear companies can be ideal. Use affiliate links, banners and content to funnel audiences to purchase from your affiliate merchant. Make sure to partner with brands that offer at least 5-10% commissions on successful sales or actions like email sign-ups. Some great affiliate platforms include ClickBank, Commission Junction or Amazon Associates.

Online Surveys

Online survey platforms connect businesses with consumers willing to give opinions on products/services in exchange for monetary rewards. Signing up is easy and you can access surveys conveniently on your device. While each survey’s payout is small, doing multiple surveys daily from consistent participation can fetch around $100 monthly. Check survey platforms like Survey Junkie, Swagbucks or SurveySavvy to get registered. Ensure to provide accurate demographic information in your profile to qualify for ‘targeted’ surveys that payout more. As you gain more experience, you will qualify for longer, better paying surveys easily. More info:

Micro Tasks 

Micro task websites serve as digital marketplaces connecting businesses with freelancers to outsource mundane repetitive digital tasks that only require basic skills but may be time-consuming. Micro jobs include transcription, image tagging, proofreading, data validation etc. Earnings per task range from a few cents to a dollar with experienced workers making $500+ monthly through consistent work. Leading micro task platforms include Amazon Mechanical Turk, Clickworker or Appen. Create a detailed profile highlighting your niche skills and qualifications to be eligible for well-paying steady micro jobs from reputed clients.

Rent Out Your Skills

You can become an online tutor/teacher and rent out your skills to interested students around the world for an hourly fee. Subject matter experts in academics, music, arts can tutor students of all ages via chat, audio or video call on platforms like Varsity Tutors or Chegg Tutors. Besides academic tutoring – you can also teach hobbies like guitar, knitting, photo editing etc. Calculate your hourly session fees based on your expertise level. Use tools like PayPal, Stripe or Payoneer to securely receive payments from students directly into your bank account. Maintain professionalism and be patient with students to earn more 5 star reviews to stand out as a top tutor.

Sell Your Creations 

Unleash your creativity online by designing quirky digital art, products or templates to sell on popular online marketplaces targeted towards creative entrepreneurs. Platforms like Redbubble and Zazzle enable you to upload and sell custom apparel like t-shirts, mugs etc integrated with your original artwork easily without any upfront inventory costs. If you specialize in graphic design – sell professionally designed templates, icons, invitation designs, brochures via online platforms like Creative Market or Graphic River to earn royalty income passively. Upload quality trendy designs consistently and promote your portfolio to increase sales.


Dropshipping has emerged into a booming income source allowing anyone to run an online store with minimal financial commitment. Unlike traditional retailers – you do not need to stock any inventory. Your online store lists products that ship directly from your supplier to customers when they purchase through your website. Leverage platforms like Shopify and Oberlo that seamlessly integrate with suppliers and manage inventory, logistics for your store allowing you to focus on marketing and sales. Start a niche store in categories like houseplants, jewelry, sports gear featuring products sourced from platforms like AliExpress. With targeted ads and influencer campaigns – new stores can realistically net $3000+ in monthly profits once scale is achieved. 


For beginners interested in growing wealth passively –  investing enables your money to work for you by generating returns from interest, dividend income and capital appreciation over time. While returns vary based on asset type– stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs and real estate provide lucrative investment avenues. Open a brokerage account on platforms like TD Ameritrade, ETRADE or Fidelity to access investing tools, research and low commission trading fees. Start small by automating investments into index funds that offer steady returns tracking entire markets. As you learn more – you can invest directly in blue chip stocks and diversify your portfolio. Compounding interest by reinvesting gains consistently hastens your wealth building process substantially.  

YouTube Channel  

Launching a YouTube channel presents an opportunity to build a following around your niche, gain authority status and monetize your content. Channels focused on entertainment, tech, style, business have tremendous money-making possibility through YouTube’s Partner Program once eligibility criteria of 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours are met. YouTube shares 55% of ad revenue generated from your videos and channel views. Besides ads – affiliate sponsorships, fan funding and selling your own line of branded merchandise provide additional earning avenues. Become a YouTube affiliate through sites like RewardStyle or Shopstyle to earn commissions promoting products featured in your videos.

eCommerce Store

Building an online store gives entrepreneurs complete control over their brand vision, product selection and sales process compared to selling on marketplaces. However a self-hosted store requires website development, attracting traffic to stand out from giant marketplace retailers. Leverage trending niches like beauty products, clothing & accessories that enable higher profit margins. Maintain strong branding across the website design, packaging, labels when sourcing manufacturers and dropshipping suppliers to deliver a premium customer experience that inspires repeat purchases. Let customers bookmark products or get notified when items are back in stock to capture sales even with inventory limitations. 

Become an Influencer

The exponential rise of social media has given birth to influencer marketing referring to everyday individuals with niche audiences on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube that collaborate with brands. As you organically gain a steady following through regular posts – companies will approach you for sponsored campaigns. Begin identifying your niche, post consistently engaging content while using relevant hashtags. Tools like Google Trends help spot trending topics and hashtag ideas too. Gradually grow your audience to 10K+ followers optimizing your online presence before pitching to brands. Typically influencer campaigns pay around $100 per 1000 followers per post besides free products. Top bloggers easily charge over $500 – $2000+ per post or story earning potentially six figures annually.

In conclusion, the digital revolution has made it simpler than ever for anyone to make money online with some diligence and effort. Freelancing, blogging, affiliate marketing provide full-time sustainable income streams while micro jobs, paid surveys generate supplementary earnings working from home. Creative entrepreneurs can leverage their talents designing products or selling online courses. As your skills grow continuously, amplifying your income is boundless in the borderless international e-commerce markets. Ultimately your passion, niche community and personal needs will guide the best online money-making journey suited for beginner or pro digital nomads alike seeking location independent lifestyles.

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