Explore the ways to choose health insurance options for upcoming year


As we commence this year, we have to prioritise the health and well-being of our family. The healthcare landscape in India is dynamic and diverse. Hence, getting comprehensive health insurance and securing your family is vital to add to your new plan. Let us delve into the myriad ways to strengthen yourself and your family through health insurance. Additionally, we will focus on the careful considerations one must bear before selecting health insurance coverage for the entire family.

Ways to Secure Yourself and Your Family under Health Insurance:

Assessing Family Health Needs:

The best health insurance plan should be bought based on a thorough assessment of your family’s health needs. Remember these factors: pre-existing conditions, family members’ age, and any foreseen medical requirements. This customised evaluation is the primary step in opting for a health insurance policy that aligns with your family’s health profile.

Comprehensive Coverage for All Members:

You should opt for health insurance plans that provide complete coverage for all family members. This includes coverage for hospitalisation, outpatient treatments, pre- and post-hospitalisation expenses, and critical illnesses. Ensure you get a well-rounded policy that safeguards your family against health-related costs.

Consideration of Network Hospitals:

Evaluate the network hospitals associated with the health insurance provider. A more comprehensive network ensures accessibility to quality healthcare services. Proximity to network hospitals is especially crucial for emergencies, providing swift and efficient medical assistance when needed.

Incorporating Maternity Coverage if Applicable:

If you wish to expand your family, maternity coverage might work. It covers prenatal and postnatal care expenses, newborn vaccinations, and delivery-related costs. It ensures safety and financial security during the most challenging phase of life.

Affordability and Premium Payment Options:

Assess your budgetary constraints and choose a health insurance plan that offers adequate coverage without straining your finances. Additionally, explore the available premium payment options. Some policies provide flexibility in premium payments, allowing you to choose a mode that aligns with your financial preferences.

Reviewing Waiting Periods and Exclusions:

Scrutinise the waiting periods associated with specific benefits and any exclusions mentioned in the policy. Waiting periods are when certain benefits are not applicable, and exclusions are conditions or treatments not covered by the policy. Understanding these aspects is crucial for avoiding surprises when making a claim.

Critical Illness Riders:

Consider including critical illness riders in your health insurance plan. These riders provide additional coverage for specific essential illnesses and offer a lump sum benefit. Given the rising prevalence of critical diseases, having this extra layer of protection can prove invaluable in times of need.

Claim Settlement History of Insurance Provider:

Research the health insurance provider’s claim settlement history. A provider with a favourable track record in settling claims transparently and promptly instils confidence that the chosen plan will deliver the promised financial support during times of need.

Policy Renewal Terms:

Familiarise yourself with the policy renewal terms. Opt for policies that offer lifelong renewability, ensuring your family maintains continuous coverage, especially as they age. Understanding renewal terms prevents unforeseen gaps in coverage that could leave your family vulnerable.

Digital Services and Customer Support:

Assess the insurance company’s online capabilities and customer support services in an era dominated by digital services. A user-friendly online platform facilitates easy policy management, while efficient customer support ensures that queries and concerns are promptly addressed.

Careful Considerations Before Buying Family Health Insurance:

Customisation Options:

Look for policies that offer customisation options. The ability to tailor coverage according to the specific health needs of individual family members ensures that you pay for the coverage you need without unnecessary additions.

Coverage for Pre-existing Conditions:

You must consider coverage for pre-existing conditions for your family members. Understand the coverage properly to have a clear idea of the waiting periods and other specific terms related to pre-existing conditions.

Policy Portability:

Consider policies that offer portability. Policy portability allows the insured to switch to a different insurance provider without losing accrued benefits. This flexibility on the policy is beneficial if the policyholder is dissatisfied with their current provider or experiences changes in location or employment.

Family Floater vs. Individual Policies:

Evaluate whether a family floater policy or individual policies for each family member would be more suitable. While a family floater policy provides shared coverage for the entire family, individual policies offer specific coverage for each member. The decision depends on your family’s unique health needs.

Reviewing Sub-limits and Co-payment:

Pay attention to sub-limits and co-payment clauses in the policy. Sub-limits cap specific expenses, and co-payment requires policyholders to share some medical costs. Understanding these elements helps in making informed decisions and avoiding surprises during claims.

Policy Inclusions and Exclusions:

Thoroughly review the inclusions and exclusions of the policy. Ensure the policy covers the medical services and treatments your family may need. Understanding exclusions prevents misunderstandings during the claim process.

Policy Term and Renewal Age:

Check the policy term and renewal age. Longer policy terms provide continuous coverage, and higher renewal ages ensure your family can maintain coverage well into their senior years. Consider policies with favourable terms for a sustained safety net.


Protecting your family under a comprehensive health insurance plan in this new year can be the best approach to balancing your people’s health requirements. Diverse health insurance plans are available in the market, and it is advisable to consider coverage, network hospitals, policy terms, and affordability to ensure peace of mind and security. 

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