Best Dirt Bike Tire – Buyer’s Guide

Looking for the best dirt bike tire? Bike riders know you need to have a good tire, especially when racing. Dirt Bike lovers are always specific with what they want on their bikes. In the motorcycling world, dirt bikes are the most renowned, and many riders are always after them. However, if you do not have the right tire, the bike will lack its grip. The rider will also waste a lot of time fixing it, and a lot of time will also be lost when slipping off the bike. Tires have various patterns and styles, but you need to choose the best one from.

Here is a guide with some of the best dirt bike tires and the features with their pros and cons that you need to be aware of before selecting the purchase. But first, if you’re a bike lover looking to share tips with fellow Instagrammers, check out and piece up your experiences.

Factors to Consider When Buying The Best Dirt Bike Tire

Before you purchase a particular tires, there are some points you need to be aware of. Depending on the model of the bike as well as its size, speed and overall performance, the tires you buy should be a good match for your bike. There are many details when it comes to tires, however, the three things pointed out below are what you cannot overlook no matter what. Those include: tire size, thread pattern and material its made of.

Let’s look into them in a little more details.

Tire size

Bikes have different sizes for the right tire to fit into them. You need to check the width of the rear tire and the width of the front tire before going shopping. You also need to check the surface where you plan to put the tire. Consider asking an expert for the details.

Tread Pattern 

Each tire has a different tread pattern. Therefore, you need to check the one you intend to buy. Check if it has the specifications you are looking for. Some patterns are for the sake of being stable and offering more balance for the bicycle. However, some patterns are just a design. 

Tire Material

Not every tire material is good enough. It can be too weak and will probably start getting torn or worn out after some time. You need a good tire material that will withstand harsh weather conditions. The purpose of the bike determines the material of the tire. 

If you need an all-purpose tire, you should get an intermediate tire. However, you will need a tough tire material if you know you will be going for a bike ride in the hills in areas with rocky paths. You can get soft tire material for a bike that will be used on sand and mud. 

Some of The Best Dirt Bike Tire Choices

Now that you are aware of some things you need to take into consideration before purchasing a tire, let’s look at the top dirt bike tire choices in the review list below.

#1 MMG Bundle Dirt Bike Tire 

This tire is good for most terrains. Most riders like it because it can be used on off-road trips. As much as it’s still new in the market, they are loved because they offer the best performance. However, you need to check the size of the tire when buying. 


  • Has tough nylon carcass that helps in traction when riding on various terrains.
  • It has knobby opens, which clean well in muddy surfaces.
  • It has an excellent grip that provides excellent performance.


  • It has a good grip
  • The tire has a high volume
  • The tire has so many terrains 


  • It’s not easy to get it because of the high demand 

Best Dirt Bike Tire #2 Pirelli Tires

They are mostly recommendable when riding off the road. Therefore, the rider enjoys tires because they can be used even on rough roads. With this type of tire, there will be no discomfort. It is good for riding on the hills and bumpy roads because they keep the bike in one direction, so it does not fall off the road. 


  • The tire can be used in all seasons 
  • Has compress and wire properties 
  • Can absorb bumps in rocky and desert areas 


  • Recommendable for off-road rides
  • Has rough and proper surface
  • Has traction on its various terrains 


  • Not advisable to be used on familiar roads but only good for off-roads only 

#3 AR PRO Tires

As the name says, it’s a pro, so it’s good for bikes, especially the stable ones. They also have applied good pressure on the roads. Thus, it’s good for riders who want to keep and maintain it for many years. It’s an all-rounder tire because it can be used on all types of bikes. It has a unique tire pattern which is good for various terrains. 


  • It is designed to be used on all types of bikes and road surfaces
  • Useable on both wet and dry roads
  • It can cross water and rivers without being worn out


  • It can be used on any bike
  • The tire has a good grip
  • This tire comes with a strong rim that is perfect for all types of bikes


  • It cannot be used on a big axel of more than 15mm. 

Best Dirt Bike Tire #4 Bridgestone Tire

This tire is best for soft terrains. Additionally, it is recommendable for small bikes. Also, it can be for both rear and front positions. It is a perfect tire for rides on smooth roads. They are also so easy to self-clean and thus it very long-lasting. 


It has been made with a unique engineer’s professionalism and a touch of technology. Therefore, they have been designed to be comfortable for riders. 


  • It’s good for both rear and front positions 
  • The tire is also recommendable for loose terrains 
  • The tire can also be used for small bikes


  • You can only buy the tube separately.

#5 Pirelli Scorpion Tires 

The tire is good for small bikes that are less than 100cc. Therefore, they are good for your child to ride on any road. The tire can be used on softer terrains and also on harder terrains. However, the designers considered that kids would use them. So, it can still be used on rough terrain so long as the rider is careful. The tire is very versatile, so the rider has enough space to explore it. Additionally, they are very durable. 


  • The pattern is lightweight and sandstone-tread
  • It’s recommendable for small bikes because of traction 
  • It has a mud flap feature which is good for added response. 
  • The groove is wide and deep, good for maximum traction for any surface, including gravel.
  • The grooves are so deep that is can absorb maximum energy from the surface particles. 
  • It is thin enough for comfortable bike riding. 


  • Has high durability
  • It’s very versatile
  • Recommendable for smaller bikes
  • Great for high speed performance


  • Not good for everyday ride 

Best Dirt Bike Tire #6 Kenda K785 Millville II Radial

This model is a little bit different from the previous ones in both functionality and built. Firstly, it has a two different thread patterns. What’s great about this is that this makes it a bi-directional tire that can ran to and fro. When operating in a particular direction you will most likely notice how the knobs make a deep, long, wide paddle. That is suitable for sandy roads or any soft surface road in general. On the other hand when operating in another direction the tire paddles start functioning differently. They are straight. Suitable for a more rough and hard surface and a terrain performance.

The tire also has arrows etched onto them. Those label each direction, for intermediate and lighter surface roads respectively. The tires come exactly as described and shown in pictures. One of the main points you can benefit from if you set on purchasing these tires, is that they are quite affordable. Especially when compared to the quality and functionality.

Kenda tires are unique for their longevity as well. Dirt tires, no matter how high the quality is, usually don’t last long. But that’s not an issue with this ones. The center knobs are beefy and sturdy. They will definitely hold up to the longest rough roads or short stretches of pavement you will have to ride on to get to trails or sand.


  • 110 on 90R19 in size
  • Kenda manufacturing company
  • 110 Millimeters in section width
  • 85.0 load index rating
  • 90.0 tire aspect ratio
  • 19 inches in rim size
  • M speed rating
  • 26.9 x 26.8 x 4.4 inches in overall L x W x H dimensions


  • Specifically designed (but not limited) for softer to intermediate terrain performance
  • Unique bi directional rotation terrain pattern
  • Better straight line and braking fraction because of paddle shape knobs
  • Improved directional function due to higher biting edges
  • Stronger and steadier braking traction because of the unique paddle shape pattern


  • Some customers have pointed out edge wear after a while of using the tires
  • Speed might not be suitable for those that love fast or extremely fast rides and those in professional competitions

#7 Maxxis M7304 Rear 80/100-12 Maxxcross Intermediate Motorcycle Tire

Maxxis tires have a unique knob design that guarantees amazing traction and handling of the bike in almost all weather conditions. The best thing about the design is the high quality rubber compound it’s made of. The material gives you strong straight-line traction which in turn maximizes control over bike. Reinforced sidewalls provides enough stabilizing to perform perfectly on any road at any time.

While the brand, as a tire manufacturer is famous for selling their products at a considerably lower price than the competitors, the quality doesn’t match the price. In a good way of course. The materials, durability and performance the products offer are of great quality. Road tires do well on virtually any terrain doesn’t matter the conditions. They are great as a competition tires as well due to the speed they can accelerate.

One more benefit of purchasing Maxxis tires is that they come with a convenient warranty options. Overall, these tires are good for beginners who don’t have a big budget to spend and are just starting to try things out with dirt bikes.


  • 80 on 100-21 in size
  • Maxxis tire manufacturer
  • 80 Millimeters in section width
  • 98.0 load index rating
  • 100.0 tire aspect ratio
  • 12 inches in size
  • 18 x 18 x 3 inches item dimension in L x W x H


  • Amazing knob design specifically made to guarantee maximum control of the bike in almost all weather conditions
  • Rubber compound material that offers higher straight-line traction that guarantees enhanced control of your vehicle
  • Reinforced sidewall for more sturdiness and stabilizing. Great for high speed rough road performance
  • Unique tube type
  • Great traction in dirt and mud on high performance bikes even for professional competitions
  • Long lasting and durable
  • Affordable
  • Can switch to intermediate hardness with no problem


  • Although the manufacturers offer warranty for all their tires, it might be limited to buyers residing in the US or Canada. If you are purchasing tires outside of these locations the advice is to contact the manufacturer through their email address and ask whether the warranty applies to your country of residence.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are dirt bike tires important, and how do they affect a rider’s performance?

Dirt bike tires are critical for traction, stability, and control. They impact a rider’s ability to navigate various terrains and conditions, affecting performance and safety.

What are the different types of dirt bike tires, and how do they vary in terms of tread patterns and applications?

There are several types, including motocross tires for racing, trail tires for general off-road riding, and knobby tires for extreme terrains. Each type has unique tread patterns suitable for specific applications.

How do I choose the right dirt bike tire for my riding style and terrain?

Consider factors like terrain type (mud, sand, rocks, etc.), riding style (casual, racing, freestyle), and the specific needs of your bike. Consult with experienced riders or experts for recommendations.

What is the importance of tire size, and how do I determine the right tire size for my dirt bike?

Tire size affects the bike’s handling and performance. You can find the right size in your bike’s manual or by checking the sidewall of your current tires.

Are there specific tire pressure recommendations for dirt bike tires, and how does tire pressure affect performance?

Tire pressure should be adjusted based on your bike, terrain, and personal preferences. Lower pressure provides more traction but may risk pinch flats, while higher pressure offers better stability and reduces the risk of flats.


Hope this brief overview has helped you with making selection of the best dirt bike tire for your bike. As a rider, you need to choose the tire carefully. Especially as a beginner with no experience. There are various types of tires therefore it can be confusing to know what you need to by. Don’t forget to consider main factors like the material, size, and pattern of the tire to make the selection process easier. You can also ask an expert to help make the right choice. Ensure you make a good choice before paying the price. 

Feel free to drop your own suggestions in the comments section below.

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