Get to Know the History of Slot Development and Popular Facts About Slot Machines

slots are a game that has been around for a long time and has developed until now, slot gambling machines have never been abandoned and are still in demand among casino players.

Even though slot machines are generally considered detrimental, there are still those who enjoy slot games that use these machines in situs slot gacor gampang menang. Then, how did slot machines appear in the world?

The Beginning of the Appearance of Slot Machines in America

the united states was the first country to introduce and create slot machines. A person named charles fey first introduced this game in 1985.

Charles, who comes from san francisco, created this machine for the first time using an iron mold roll. 3 rolls of iron mold are then attached with card symbols which are often used for playing.

So, charles chose to attach the diamond, spade and heart, horseshoes and liberty bell symbols. That’s why the appearance of slots used to be simpler.

Players who try this gambling machine are considered to have won when they get the liberty bell symbols in sequence.

The Company That Made the World’s First Slot Machine

the slot machine created by charles fey then became increasingly famous and spread throughout america. Because it was so popular, charles took the initiative to open his own slot machine company.

Various complaints coming from casino fans also prompted charles to open a special workshop to repair broken slot machines. Charles also gained huge profits.

Slot Machine Company Competition Is Very Tight

even though charles fey initially made very high profits from slot machines, over time he felt he was losing money because of the many competitors.

The emergence of other companies that also created slot machines made charles fey’s machines increasingly marginalized. This happened because charles lacked the knowledge to be able to develop his engine.

Not only that, the slot machine business license itself is illegal to do in america so charles’ business process was quite hampered.

Even Though Slot Machines Are Prohibited, They Are Still Produced

from 1902 to 1908, slot machines were actually banned in america. It’s just that, so many companies feel they are making a profit from this machine, in the end there are still those who secretly operate it.

Some companies even dare to replace the diamond, heart and liberty bell symbols on this machine with fruit symbols, aka fruit machine.

Then, cash prizes were also replaced with small change such as chewing gum and children’s toys at link slot777 gacor.

The Transition from Slot Machines to Using Video

in 1976, the machine that imitated charles fey’s was replaced by a machine made by the fortune coin company. No longer using manual operation, this new version of the machine uses a 19 inch television.

This machine that uses video technology is popular with visitors to the hilton hotel, where this machine is located.

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