Detailed instructions for depositing and withdrawing Sun Win money for new players

You wonder how to withdraw from Sun win and is it safe? Let check out article to know about the methods and to be sure that this house is a good place to bet online. 

Is it fast to deposit and withdraw money at the Sun win game portal?

Many people wonder if depositing and withdrawing money is fast when entering Sun Win bookmaker. This is an issue that many people are concerned about because when deposits and withdrawals are processed slowly, players will not be able to participate in betting comfortably. Therefore, if you have entered any game portal, you should pay attention to this.

Deposit system at Sunwin is fast and safe. 

Understanding the issues that bettors are concerned about, bookmaker Sun Win has built a super-fast deposit and withdrawal system. When you make deposit transactions, it only takes a few minutes for there to be changes in your account. If any bettor wins a bet and needs to withdraw money, the house will handle it within the same day so that you can actively play the game. Therefore, you can rest assured to bet on Sunwin today.

Evaluate the safety when trading at Sunwin bookmaker

Maybe many bettors are worried and do not want to enter their account information on the website because they are afraid of losing money and it is not safe to log in. However, this worry is unnecessary if you know Sunwin. This website allows players to experience online games comfortably and transact extremely safely. The information you enter to transact will be fully encrypted, so don’t worry.

Does the game portal collect money if players make transactions?

If I go to the bookmaker to deposit and withdraw money, will I lose the service fee? Are not! Sunwin allows members to deposit and withdraw money comfortably. The house does not collect transaction fees from any members.

However, please note that if you transfer or withdraw money to the bank and then use it, the bank may charge a service fee. In addition, if you use scratch cards, you should also note that network operators will charge fees, while Sun win does not charge players.

Methods of depositing and withdrawing money at Sun win bookmaker

How to deposit and withdraw money online at Sun win? To answer your questions, in this section we will suggest to bettors the ways to deposit and withdraw money that the Sunwin game portal is supporting.

Recharge via Mom

Using Momo as a method for deposit.

Steps to follow when depositing money via Momo are as follows:

Step 1: At this time, remember to go to Sun win and log in to the game portal.

Step 2: You then continue to open the “Deposit” section and select the deposit channel which is Momo wallet

Step 3: Next, the player will create a code to make a money transfer transaction, then go to Momo wallet to deposit money into their account.

Step 4: Take a photo of the transaction information and then go to the dealer to check your account to see if the amount has increased or not. If you have any problems, please text the staff for immediate support.

Top up Sun Win with different scratch card denominations

If you need to deposit money urgently but cannot transfer money, bettors can use a phone scratch card to deposit into Sunwin bookmaker. This method is very easy and can be applied to many network operators.

Step 1: the player enters the dealer and then goes to the deposit section of the game portal

Step 2: Then you choose to top up money from your phone scratch card

Step 3: Next, the player will choose the type of scratch card and choose the card value to load into the dealer.

Step 4: You fill in the scratch card information, confirm, make a deposit, and it’s successful!

Fast transfer

Sunwin allows bettors to deposit money via quick transfer so that they are not interrupted while betting due to lack of capital. Regarding the process, details are as follows:

Step 1: First, go to the dealer and log in

Step 2: In the deposit section, select quick transfer

Step 3: Next, the bettor will need to select their bank information, enter their information and confirm again

Step 4: At this step, you go to the code pay section and deposit money, then wait a few minutes to check the transaction history.

Withdraw money from Internet Banking

You can withdraw from Sunwin very easily with 5 steps. 

When you need to withdraw money from your account, please refer to the following method:

Step 1: Bet manually at the house and log in then access the withdrawal section

Step 2: Next, you choose to withdraw money via Internet Banking

Step 3: In this step, you see how much money you have in your account, then fill in your bank information to withdraw money.

Step 4: When you have finished filling in the information, immediately enter the OTP code and confirm again

Step 5: Finally, press withdraw transaction and wait for the dealer to approve.

Withdraw money via scratch card

If you want to exchange money to scratch cards, you can do so as below

Step 1: Bet players log in and go to the Sunwin withdrawal section

Step 2: You select the scratch card section and immediately enter the face value and required information.

Step 3: At that time, you confirm again and then exchange money for a scratch card.


With a clear understanding of deposit and withdrawal information on SunWin, bettors can be completely proactive in online betting. If you have any questions and need answers, please leave a comment below the article; Or you should contact Sunwin soon for immediate advice. Visiting the house to play games, deposit and withdraw money is extremely simple and safe, guys!

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